The Surf City All Stars

The Ultimate Beach Boys Experience
with Original Beach Boy Al Jardine, Original Beach Boy David Marks and Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean

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Based in: Los Angeles, California

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The Surf City All Stars

The SURF CITY ALLSTARS stand out as a unique and exceptional tribute band, being the only band in the world to have members who have both played and sung lead vocals in the original Beach Boys and Jan & Dean bands. This distinction sets them apart from other tribute bands, offering a level of authenticity and quality that mirrors the original artists.

Clients have the exclusive opportunity to enhance the Allstars' lineup by adding two original Beach Boys members, Al Jardine and David Marks, to the performance. The Allstars themselves are comprised of seasoned musicians with deep ties to the Beach Boys. Gary Griffin, on keys and vocals, began recording and touring with the Beach Boys in the 1970s. Philip Bardowell, on guitar and vocals, was personally selected by Beach Boy Carl Wilson for the band in the 1990s. David Logeman, the drummer, joined the Beach Boys under Mike Love's guidance in 1994. Chris Farmer, bassist and vocalist, served as the musical director for the Beach Boys for 12 years. Aaron Broering, a multi-talented guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist, is the newest addition to the Allstars, bringing his impressive vocal talents to the group.

The SURF CITY ALLSTARS' vocal talents were honed under the guidance of original Beach Boys members Mike Love and Brian Wilson, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their performances. For an additional fee, Al Jardine and David Marks occasionally join the Allstars on tour, bringing their original Beach Boys magic to the stage.

The endorsements from these legendary musicians underscore the high esteem in which the SURF CITY ALLSTARS are held:

Beach Boy Al Jardine acclaimed them at the Hershey Center Arena in Toronto, Canada, saying, “The SURF CITY ALLSTARS sound as good as the Original Beach Boys EVER did!”

Beach Boy David Marks praised them at a Hawthorne High School fundraiser concert, stating, “I love performing with the SURF CITY ALLSTARS. They are the best Beach Boys band on the planet.”

Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean, at Mayfest in North Myrtle Beach, SC, endorsed them by saying, “I have worked with the SURF CITY ALLSTARS for 30 years! Nobody performs the hits of Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys as great as they do.”

With such commendations and their unique position in the tribute band world, the SURF CITY ALLSTARS offer an unparalleled Beach Boys and Jan & Dean experience, making them a top choice for fans seeking the closest possible rendition of these iconic surf music hits.

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