Always Adele

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Always, Adele, LA's premier Adele tribute band led by the powerhouse vocalist Sarah Stallman, offers a full-blown Adele experience with world-class musicianship, delivering not just her breathtaking hits but also the unique, down-to-earth charm that defines the pop icon.

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Based in: Los Angeles, California

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Always Adele

Always, Adele, based in Los Angeles, is hailed as the premier tribute to the phenomenal pop icon, Adele. This exceptional 7-piece band, comprising world-class musicians, is fronted by the powerhouse vocalist Sarah Stallman. Together, they not only recreate the breathtaking music of Adele but also capture the relatable and down-to-earth essence that has made Adele a standout artist of her generation.

Always, Adele's performances are more than just a musical experience; they are a celebration of Adele's impactful and emotive songs. The band skillfully brings to life popular hits like "Hello," "Rolling in the Deep," "Someone Like You," among others, ensuring that each show is a vibrant and memorable experience. Fans of Adele will find themselves immersed in the music, singing along with the passion and intensity that Adele's songs inspire.

This tribute show is a testament to the enduring popularity and influence of Adele, who has achieved extraordinary success with over 70 million pure album sales and over 100 million in album equivalent units worldwide across her four studio albums and one video album as of December 2021. Adele was recognized as the best-selling album artist of the 2010s decade both in the US and worldwide. However, with her live performances being a rare occurrence, Always, Adele offers fans the next best thing to seeing the icon herself.

This show is more than just a tribute; it's a heartfelt homage to one of the most influential voices in modern pop music, bringing Adele's unforgettable hits and the essence of her artistry to audiences who crave the experience of her live performance.

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